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Texas Battery Co. Inc., located in Lubbock, Texas is a wholesale, retail, commercial and fleet sales of Fullriver DC Series batteries. Texas Battery extends its regular delivery services to encompass West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, Western Oklahoma, and Southwest Kansas. Additionally, shipments are dispatched to customers across the entirety of the USA. The company offers open accounts to government and industry entities upon approval. Renowned as a battery specialist, Texas Battery has cultivated a distinguished reputation for its high-quality product lines, expert customer service that is characterized by integrity, and competitive pricing. Texas Battery provides comprehensive installation services not only at its storefront but also within the immediate Lubbock area.

What is DC Battery

The Fullriver DC Series batteries are a line of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries designed for industrial applications. AGM batteries are known for their reliability, durability, and maintenance-free operation, making them ideal for a wide range of demanding environments and applications.

Key Features and Benefits


The Fullriver DC AGM Series batteries are known for their reliability and long service life compared to traditional wet cell batteries. This longevity is attributed to their construction featuring 99.994% pure virgin lead and thick lead plates.  The DC Series is specifically engineered for prolonged cycling capabilities, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period. They are built to withstand the demands of industrial applications and can provide dependable power when needed most. Also, these batteries require no maintenance. 

AGM Technology 

AGM batteries use a fiberglass mat separator to absorb and immobilize the electrolyte solution, which reduces the risk of spills and allows for a sealed design. This makes the DC series AGM batteries maintenance-free, as they do not require regular watering or electrolyte checks. This comes in handy when working in the spacious Texas Panhandle.

Deep Cycle Design

Fullriver DC Series batteries that are found at Texas Battery in Lubbock, Texas are designed for deep cycle applications, meaning they can withstand repeated discharge and recharge cycles without significant degradation in performance. Fullriver AGM batteries feature minimal internal resistance, enabling them to accommodate higher charge rates of up to 35% of the total Ampere-hour (Ah) capacity. This characteristic facilitates faster charging, optimizing the efficiency of the charging process and makes them suitable for use in applications where reliable power is essential, such as backup power systems, renewable energy storage, and industrial equipment.

High Energy Density

All Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries found at Texas Battery in Lubbock are designated as Non-Dangerous (NON-DG) goods, making them universally safe for transportation via land, sea, and air. This classification simplifies their transportation, installation, and integration into diverse systems, ensuring ease of use and compatibility across different applications.


The warranty terms for Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries set an industry standard, offering specialized coverage tailored to Commercial, Industrial, and Solar applications. This exceptional warranty is a testament to the decades of experience dedicated to crafting genuine deep cycle AGM batteries, instilling a high level of confidence in their performance and reliability. Texas Battery in Lubbock, Texas will stand by this singular warranty.

Vibration Resistance

Texas Battery in Lubbock, Texas carries DC Series AGM batteries that are known for their excellent vibration resistance, which makes them suitable for use in vehicles and equipment that operate in rough or rugged environments. This feature is particularly important in the Texas Panhandle, where agricultural, construction, and oilfield equipment often face harsh conditions.

Temperature Tolerance

Texas Battery in Lubbock carries the DC Series AGM batteries that have a wide operating temperature range and can withstand both high and low temperatures without sacrificing performance. This makes them well-suited for use in the Texas Panhandle, where temperature extremes are common throughout the year.


In the Texas Panhandle, where industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing are prevalent, there is a significant need for reliable power solutions that can withstand the region's challenging environmental conditions. Fullriver DC Series batteries offer a robust and dependable energy storage solution for a wide range of industrial applications in the area, making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking for reliable power solutions. Call us today and get your Fullriver DC Series AGM battery.

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