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Reliable Lubricants from the Muscle Products line.
Lubricants of Texas Battery

With rising fuel prices and the high cost of a new vehicle purchase, maintaining your existing equipment and fleet has never been more important. That’s why you should choose lubricants and additives from Texas Battery. We offer competitive pricing on our Muscle Products line, which we’ve used in our own fleet since 1997. Our fleet now has over 2,500,000 miles of use thanks to Muscle Products in our vehicles. Let us share our experience of application and results with you.

Over 35 cotton gins in the West Texas area alone use MT-10, FT-10 and PL-10 in their daily operations. Additionally, over 150 farms use the same combination of MPC in their lubrication and fuel treatment maintenance routines.

Texas Battery will engage with you to introduce Muscle Products into your vehicles, fleet or industrial operation. We can provide application advice and cost of use estimates at our location, or yours. Schedule a demonstration with us today to start saving money and extending the life of your equipment. Interested in dealership opportunities? Let us know.

Heavy Equipment

Protects against extreme pressure . Protects from friction-related heat and wear. Adheres to metal for constant lubrication to all areas. Reduces operating temperatures. Extends equipment life. Reduces maintenance, downtime and related expenses.


PL-10TM is an anti-wear, extreme-pressure, lithium-complex grease with anti-friction additives. PL-10TM is unique because its formulation contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for superior lubrication. PL-10TM treats, seals and protects metal surfaces to dramatically reduce friction-related heat and wear.


The keystone of the Muscle product line is its anti-friction lubricant additive MT-10®. But this is not your ordinary oil additive – it treats the metal, not the oil. MT-10® is recommended for personal, commercial and fleet automobiles and trucks. When MT-10® is added to the existing oil, the moving metal parts of the engine are polished.


FT-10TM is a fuel additive for gasoline and diesel engines. FT-10TM dissipates moisture in the fuel system to enhance engine power, increase mileage and reduce harmful emissions. For continued performance and protection of your fuel system, use FT-10TM with every fill up. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.


DHP-10TM is a new generation, multi-function diesel fuel additive designed to improve the quality characteristics of diesel fuel. DHP-10TM cleans injectors and minimizes deposit formation for continuous fuel flow, which results in improved fuel quality and performance. The superior lubrication characteristics of DHP-10TM protect the fuel pump and injectors from wear and premature failure. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.


The better alternative to an aerosol can… the spray bottle is safer and full of product… no money wasted on hazardous ozone-depleting substances. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology Power-Lift Grease PL-10™ for superior lubrication


MO-10TM is a light spray lubricant, penetrating oil and demoisturant – all formulated into one superior product. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.


Excessive exhaust smoke occurs when your engine oil creeps into the combustion chamber and is burned with the fuel. This normally happens when wear creates gaps between cylinder walls and piston rings. SF-10TM helps to seal those gaps from worn parts, eliminating excessive exhaust smoke.

Industrial & Specialty

Can be used in a wide range of cutting and drilling applications . Contains ionic bonding, lubricity enhancement and extreme-pressure agents that are activated at the cutting zone for lubrication to both work and tool. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for increased lubricity and boundary film lubrication.


SC-10TM is a fully formulated, water soluble cutting fluid that is used in a wide range of metalworking applications. SC-10TM works on an advanced achievement application of multiple metalworking technologies that induce ionic bonding agents and metal film strength reducers.


Bar oil specially formulated for heavy duty high speed cutting by providing . Superior lubrication of chain saws, saw chains, oil pumps and gear pumps. Lubricates and protects. Reduces friction related heat and wear. Reduces chain saw binding. Extends life of chain saw bar. Effective in both cold and hot weather conditions.


AT-10™ lubricates, cleans and protects piston and rotary type air tools. AT-10™ removes gummy deposits, stops rust, and repels air line moisture and water spray. AT-10™ will give your air tool more power and speed, smoother operation, and improved reliability. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.


TM-10TM is a maximum-duty, metal-conditioning lubricant for adding to traction motor gear cases that need extra protection from extreme pressure. TM-10TM will increase gear service life while cooling the overall system. TM-10TM protects the gear metal from wear and damage caused by extreme pressure and friction-related heat. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for superior lubrication.


WM-10TM wheel mounting compound is an extreme-pressure compound for press fitting and mounting steel railroad wheels to their axles. WM-10TM contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for improved lubricity. This enormously improves the ease of mounting and reduces alignment problems. WM-10TM polishes, seals and protects the metal surfaces for improved wheel-to-axle fitting.

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