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Battery Installation

What was easy at one time is now ranges from just a bit more complicated to complex. We have installed thousands of batteries over the years and can advise you of shortcuts if you are a “do-it-yourself”, or we also are happy to provide installation if you are a “do-it-for me”.

We have terminals, cable and connectors to make a complete installation in a short time. Many vehicles require teminal replacement or modification and we have the experience and tools to do it .

Installations at our store are normally no extra charge, and can be done in just a few minutes. For those difficult operations that take extensive time, and those that are away from the store, we can give you an estimate before we start. We are competitive and complete when that is the case.

Battery Testing

Beyond a no response when you turn the key, there is a lingering question—How do I know if it’s the battery or something else? Because we utilize a full scheme of battery testing, we can tell you if there is a simple discharge, a charging system problem, terminal connection issue, or a defective battery. If it’s just discharged, we offer free recharges for batteries purchased from us. For the other issues, we can offer advice or fix it on the spot.


Midtronics is the leader in battery conductance testing, which is a safe and effective way to determine battery status and serviceability.

You’ll find a wide array of options for your recreational vehicles and equipment when you come to Texas Battery for service. Our team has more than three decades of field experience, and can help you locate batteries for antiques, install batteries at our store front or at your home or provide the accessories you need to keep your automobiles operating efficiently. Click Here for Midtronics Catalog

     Battery Diagnostic Service System - DSS-7000

     Hybrid Service - HYB-1000

     Battery & Electrical System Testers - PBT Series

     Battery & Electrical System Analyzers - MDX-P300 - MDX-600 Series

     Battery & Electrical System Diagnostics - EXP-800 7 - EXP-1000

     Diagnostic Chargers - GRX-3000 9 - GR8-1200

     Power Supply Chargers - PSC Series

     Heavy-Duty - MDX-700 HD 12 - EXP-1000HD

     Accessories & Replacement Parts

     Battery Management Information System (BMIS)

From cables and terminal ends to charging and testing equipment, we’re ready to get you powered up. Stop by or browse our product offerings to see what Texas Battery can do for you!