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Power Sport Battery

MOTOCROSS is the Yuasa manufactured battery specialist line of replacement batteries for all types of motorcycles, scooters, power sports equipment, Asian tractors and construction equipment, and many other applications. 

We have distributed this high quality line for over 30 years. The catalog will give you basic application information, but if you need personal assistance feel free to ask any of our staff.

Additionally, we also offer the ETX DEKA Extreme Sports Power premium line of batteries. This line is all AGM, and enjoys an excellent reputation among serious cyclists and users of off-road ATVs and RTVs. This line features direct replacements for many Harley applications.

There are also replacement part numbers for the following Yuasa numbers:
ETX 9 replaces YTX 9-BS
ETX 12 replaces YTX12BS; YTX12B-B2
ETX 14 replaces YTX 14BS; YTX 16BS; YTX16BS-1; YB16B-A; YB16B-A1
ETX 14L replaces YTX14LBS; (Harley Sportster)
ETX 15 replaces YB14-A2; YB14A-A2; YB14-B2; YB14L-B2
ETX15L replaces YB14L-A1; YB14L-A2; YB14L-B2; 12N14-3A;
ETX16 replaces YB16-B; Y60-N24-A; YB16C-B; (many Harley models)
ETX16L replaces YB16L-B; Y60-N24AL-B; YB16CL-B
ETX18L replaces Y50-N18L-A (all types)
ETX20L replaces YTX20L-BS; YB18L-A; (many Harley models)
ETX30L replaces YIX30L; YB30L-B; (many Harley models) 

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