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Muscle Products
For over twenty years, Texas Battery has used the Muscle product line in our vehicles. We have been able to extend the life of our fleet as we travel across West Texas to serve our customers. Muscle Products is a line of specialty lubricants, additives, and greases. At Texas Battery, we trust Muscle Products to maintain our equipment and vehicles. We offer competitive pricing for our customers on the Muscle Products line to help you extend the life of your vehicle.

Here To Help
Texas Battery can help you determine what type of Muscle products will best work for you. We can offer application advice and pricing information. If you are unsure, we can provide a demonstration of the product. Utilizing Muscle lubricants can increase the stall point on your equipment up to four times. Your engine will run longer and show less wear. This extends the life of your vehicle or equipment, saving you money. Lubricants by Muscle smooth and seal metal surfaces to reduce friction and prevent thermal breakdown. In addition, Muscle Products offer cold start protection for your vehicle and equipment. Once the product has been introduced into the engine, treated parts are protected until the oil warms up and begins to circulate.

Bang For Your Buck
In West Texas, cotton gins utilize the Muscle line in their daily operations. Products like MT-10, FT-10, and PL-10 are a key part of their lubrication and fuel treatment maintenance routines. You can trust Texas Battery to get you started with the right Muscle product to protect your equipment. We want to help you reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle, increase your engine life, and leave you with more money in your pocket. At Texas Battery, we understand the costs associated with repairs or the purchase of new equipment. By utilizing products from the Muscle line, we can help you extend the life of your vehicles and equipment. In the long run, we will help you save money!

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