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Getting You Back On The Road
We serve the area as the primary distributor for DEKA, Motorcross, and Westco batteries. As your primary distributor, we can get the right battery at the right price. You won’t have a long wait. It’s our pleasure to get you back on the road without a long delay. We know you want to be on the go, and we work hard to keep you traveling safely. We can provide wet cell or absorbed glass mat batteries to best serve your vehicle’s needs.

Maximum Value
Texas Battery can serve a wide variety of battery needs. In addition to the DEKA line, we offer alternative sources. We want to assure that you get maximum value for your money. Cycling batteries do not only work for your motorcycle. Our batteries provide power for snowmobiles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and your personal watercraft. No matter what your battery needs, we have you covered. Texas Battery offers a broad application coverage, working hard to meet every battery need you have. We know that when you lose power, you have lost an opportunity. We want to keep you safely on the go at full power. We are dedicated to not only getting you the right battery, but also installing it properly and effectively.

Battery Life
Texas Battery also offers chargers in the Yuasa, Battery Minder, and Schauer lines. Depending on your needs, we can help you lengthen the life of your battery. As you move into off season, battery chargers and maintainers can keep your battery at peak performance. We can help you find the right automatic full charger to meet your needs and give you the best value for your money. We will help ensure that your batteries are ready to go when you are.

Ultimate Performance
We also offer some specific items in the Muscle Products line for power sports vehicles. MT 10, FT10 and CL 10 will all contribute to peak performance. It is important to protect delicate parts against engine wear. We can work with you to improve fuel performance and reduce exhaust temperatures. Protecting chains and sprockets will keep your vehicle at its top performance. Texas Battery has everything you need to ensure zero downtime and ultimate performance of your vehicle.

For every battery need, contact Texas Battery today. We will get your battery and get you back out exploring.

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