Delivery & Disposal for Texas Battery

Delivery & Disposal

Batteries are often referred to as the only perishable item in the hard parts business. Because of their intrinsic chemistry, they need to be checked for proper voltage while in storage and prior to installation. Their relatively high per unit cost requires efficient management of inventory, while also requiring the proper sizes in stock to cover application needs. Active BCI group sizes (the part numbering system for batteries) now number over 65, with well over 100 sizes registered.

Our wholesale customers are serviced every 2 weeks, with freshly ordered inventory. Customer stock levels are monitored on a regular basis, with aged product either rotated with fresh product, or returned for credit if the market demand for a particular item has diminished.

Our local customers are accustomed to seeing our service vans around Lubbock, as we service homes, businesses and fleets on a daily basis. Our knowledgeable staff works on an appointment basis, as well as servicing urgent demands. Each vehicle is equipped to complete battery installation on the spot, because we know the value of time in today’s economy. We also sell booster packs (see the BOOSTER PACK section) to give customers the peace of mind and security of being able to start their vehicle in emergency situations.

Batteries are a unique item to handle. Because they are most often under the hood, or in a relatively inaccessible place, they are usually dirty and often corrosion laden at the time of replacement. Beyond the normal routine of removing batteries from vehicles that we are servicing, we also accept and remove disposed batteries for recycling. Market prices are paid upon delivery. 

Disposition of depleted batteries

The primary component of batteries is raw lead. Very little virgin lead is produced in the U.S., so a substantial amount of the lead sourced here is from recycled batteries. All of a battery is reclaimed in the recycling process; lead, case material, separators and liquid electrolyte. Each item is reused to its fullest extent in the production of more batteries. Battery retailers in Texas are subject to regulation by the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency.

We maintain appropriate permit numbers with both agencies. Our customers can be confident of proper disposal and reclamation through licensed smelters of any batteries processed by us. We offer certificates of disposal, including our TCEQ and EPA permit numbers, to assure safety and environmental departments of businesses and government entities that batteries left with us will be recycled properly by EPA certified smelters.