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Battery cables are the silent partner in the power transfer process from the vehicle battery to the starter. Proper gauge, or wire size, is critical to assure that all the power possible is transmitted, while also protecting the circuitry from overheating. Texas Battery uses high quality copper alloy terminals to guarantee smooth and efficient power transfer, and ROHM compliant welding cable. Welding cable gives maximum current transfer, and is more flexible, which allows for easier installation in confined spaces.

Terminals come in three basic types, battery post, starter lugs, and accessory terminals. Battery post sizes differ, with positive being larger than the negative, due to the fact that the positive terminal normally wears down sooner than the negative. Starter lugs usually have a diameter of ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8” or ½”. Some batteries also have lug terminals, with 3/8” being the most common, although some marine batteries use 5/16”.

To give us the information we need to build your cable, we will need 1) The overall cable length; 2)battery post type (Positive, Negative, or stud); 3) accessory terminals and leads(if any); 4)cable color-typically red for positive and black for negative 5) the gauge of cable required. Remember that wire gauges are in inverse order to their relative size, so that 0000(4/0) is larger than 0 (1/0), and both are larger than 1,2,4,6 and 8. Email photos are helpful, or some customers simply bring or ship the failed cable to us to replicate. Most cables can be made the same day. Some multiple orders may require more time.

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Booster Cables

Booster cables are a necessity in the fleet service business. Again, proper gauge determines the success in boosting, along with quality clamps. We stock the two major sizes of automotive booster cables, 4 and 2. We also stock 2 and 6 gauge booster lead in bulk rolls for special projects. We can fabricate custom booster cables and remote vehicle connectors for sizes through 2/0. We offer standard 700 amp-rated chrome plated “Mize” clamps, as well as Quick Cable 900 amp-rated solid copper clamps. The 900 amp clamps can accommodate wire sizes through 2/0 and feature soldered connections for maximum current transfer. Combined with available SB-type quick connectors, there are multiple connection options from the boosting source and to the destination.

Booster Packs

We offer several models of remote consumer and commercial grade booster packs in 12 and 24 volt models. The new advanced generation LiFEPo models are small, light weight and very easy to use, plus give backup power for many electronic devices. We can help you determine the best application for your needs, and stock many common replacement batteries types for booster packs.

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