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Batteries come in various shapes, power ratings, applications and composition. Our legacy is as the source of the cranking battery for cars and equipment. We are dedicated to providing quality batteries to start engines dependably for efficient and safe service. DEKA batteries have a reputation for quality workmanship and long service. Our cataloging for automotive, truck and farm applications reaches back to the 1930s to help find the correct battery.

Cycling batteries provide power for marine, motorhome, floor machine, golf car, material handling equipment, motive power, and emergency standby. In addtion to the DEKA line, we have many alternative sources beyond their offerings to assure maximum value. We understand that down time is lost opportunity.

Standby and emergency power batteries are a unique item. We have multiple lines to accommodate all types of application demands. Our experience and dedication to proper and effective installation are available to you.

DEKA Battery

DEKA battery; Car, Truck, Caterpillar, John Deere, Case IH, Pickup, European car, European car auxiliary (BMW) (Mercedes)

Motorcycle Battery

DEKA Extreme Powersports, Yuasa, Motocross

AGM Battery

AGM battery (DEKA) (MK) (LEOCH)

Gel Battery

Gel battery (DEKA) (MK) (LEOCH)

Battery Tester

Battery Tester (Midtronics) (Autometer) (EZRED)

Battery Hydrometer

Battery Hydrometer (DEKA)

Scrubber Battery

Scrubber battery, Floorscrubber battery, (DEKA) (LEOCH)

Battery Terminals

Battery Terminals (DEKA) (Quick Cable) Tractor, Crimpable.

Golf Car Battery Chargers

Battery Minder, Yuasa, and Schauer

Battery MINDer

Battery MINDer's work as chargers, maintainers, and conditioners. For an all in one solution that will have your battery running for a long time.

Battery Switches

Wirthco, Grote