About Texas Lubricants

Texas Battery

Texas Lubricants is a division of Texas Battery Co., Inc.(TBC), Lubbock, TX.  It was created in 2001 to distinguish the Muscle Product distribution business of TBC.  TBC began using Muscle Products in its own fleet in 1997.  Taking advantage of an opportunity to assume distribution in the West Texas area in 2000, it quickly became apparent that there was a need for delineation of the two primary product lines.  By 2008, Texas Lubricants was distributing MPC products throughout the US, with the primary market being the agricultural sector.  Over 35 cotton gins in the West Texas area alone use MT-10, FT-10 and PL-10 in their daily operations.  Additionally, over 150 farms use the same combination of MPC in their lubrication and fuel treatment regimes.  Many retailers of the Muscle Product line obtain their inventory through TBC’s distribution and route system.  Shipments are made daily throughout the U.S.

Demonstration of reduced friction for fleets and industrial equipment and plant operators are available on an appointment basis.  Consultation with regard to correct product application, and cost of use estimates are available, as well.  Beyond agriculture, Texas Lubricant customer applications include school districts, bus fleets, sand and gravel pit operators, manufacturing, and gun dealers. 

Texas Battery’s fleet now has well over 1,000,000 miles use of Muscle Products in engines, transmissions, differentials and transfer cases, and fuel treatments.  Faced with rising fuel prices, and the high cost and uncertainty of new vehicle purchases, maintenance of existing fleets has never been more important.